Personalized Videos
Video personalization on every 1:1 cross-media multichannel marketing campaign!

We are able to combine customer data with video rendering, delivering deeply personalized content per-customer.
Cost Effective | Data-Driven | On Real Time Rendering | Mobile Friendly
Awesome work makes happy clients.
The right message, to the right audience at the right time through the right media.

video personalization your name on departure airport board

It's A Wonderful Day

Personalized URLs/Landing pages
Crossmedia integration

Personalize it!

video personalization your name with tacos

Gear Up

Personalized URLs/Landing pages
Crossmedia integration

Personalize it!

video personalization your name on keyring

Agent 006 Revealed

Personalized URLs/Landing pages
Crossmedia integration

Personalize it!

Video Personalization

The next “big thing” in 1 to 1 communication.

Our technology seamlessly integrates customers’ information into the videos, so they will feel like they were already part of the action. The videos are specifically crafted for each individual person through an automated rendering process.
Video is one of the most trusted marketing channel, we can give clients an unparalleled level of video personalization which translates into higher engagement and recall levels with potential customers.

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We design and build amazing things.

Through our automated process we are able to deliver deeply personalized content,
on real-time tailor-made video messages that can be easy integrated into any email and pURL campaign.
Whether you are a Creative Agency, Direct Marketing Agency, Print Provider,
Targeted e-mail or Personalized URLs Provider
and you need to
transform a standard cross-media campaign into something extraordinary
that it is guaranteed to create a reaction – we are the answer.

  • On real time rendering – no need to create the videos prior the live deployments/campaigns.
  • No need of hosting.
  • Works for the referred/new records as well.
  • Mobile friendly – works on any device and OS.
  • On real time personalized images based on any frame in the video.

Leveraging data to engage customers in a personalized and contextualized way with video not only addresses consumer demand for better digital experiences, but also allows for differentiated experiences that keeps you competitive.

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